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If you have read and enjoyed a Clean Read book, novella or short story recommend it to others here, bearing in mind that, for our purposes, a Clean Read work:

    • Contains no foul language, no excessive violence, and if there are bedroom doors, they’re closed.
    • Can be any genre, for any age group.  Children, Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Mystery, Suspense–provided the work meets the Clean Read Books requirement.
    • Readers or Authors subscribed to Clean Read Books may recommend works.  (If you are not yet subscribed, do so before recommending a work.  This tells us that you deem the work a Clean Read.  Works recommended by non-subscribers will be deleted.)
    • We reserve the right to delete any recommendation.
    • Report a project violating the Clean Read work policy via the Contact page.

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If you write clean read books and wish to be featured in our newsletter and data base, add your website book page URL on the form (right).

For the purposes of this site, a clean read is a story that contains no foul language, no excessive violence and no open bedroom doors.

By submitting, you are certifying that your books meet the clean read policy as defined.

We look forward to featuring your books!

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The Clean Reads Team

Add a Clean Read Book

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